Wealth Management
Depending on the needs and wishes of the family and the size and complexity of the assets under management, our services can vary widely. We may coordinate and oversee various types of investment-related services, management of complex assets, accounting, tax planning and compliance, asset protection and risk management as well as family services.

  • Structuring
    • Strategic asset allocation
    • Provider selection
  • Implementation control
    • Review and control execution
    • Consolidation, risk assessment & performance evaluation
  • Protection
    • Legal structuring
    • Tax review
    • Family governance and wealth transfer to next generation
For Technology Entrepreneurs
  • Perform review, control and supervision of operating businesses
    • Indirect as shadow control
    • Direct as Board member
  • Provide consulting and advisory projects for related companies, e.g., strategy, expansion, financing
  • Identify suitable partners for projects
  • Define family governance
  • Develop family's vision & mission
  • Educate and develop family members
  • Plan and organize family meetings & events
  • Defend reputation & manage crises
  • Plan wealth transfer and prepare successors
For Next Gens
  • Develop leadership skills and train for succession
  • Facilitate the exchange with peers
  • Career and impact coaching
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